He has been suffering from injury trauma for several years, and he is no small age. However, he is showing signs of a revival little by little by breaking his personal record this season. Choi Gyeong-seon (31, Jecheon City Hall), the “signboard of the Korean women’s marathon,” who overcame the running method, posture change, and psychological anxiety caused by her injury trauma, promised her medal harvest at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games in September.

Choi Kyung-seon showed off her rust-free skills by setting her personal best (2 hours 28 minutes 49 seconds) at the Daegu Marathon on the 2nd. She is entering within 2 hours and 30 minutes for the first time in 4 years since the 2019 Daegu Games. The Korea Association of Athletics Federations plans to have the top 1 and 2 runners in domestic and overseas official marathon competitions compete in the Hangzhou Asian Games from January to April. 2nd place after Choi Kyung-seon’s participation in the Asian Games in Hangzhou is likely due to her remaining time and not many competitions.토스카지노

Her personal record is enough for her to aim for a medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games. When she enters the 2010 Guangzhou Games ~ 2014 Incheon Games ~ 2018 Jakarta Palembang Games, she ranks 4th ~ 3rd ~ 1st. In the women’s division, a record of less than 2 hours and 30 minutes is enough to win a medal at the Asian Games, so expectations are high for Choi Kyung-sun, who has already won a medal once.

Choi Kyung-seon said in a phone call with Sports Donga on the 12th, “Now her physical condition has risen to 80%. I think she can get better in the future,” she said. “The experience of winning a medal in the Asian Games five years ago is precious to me. At that time, she gained a lot of confidence, so she is preparing for the competition with the goal of winning a gold medal, not just a medal,” she revealed.

Choi Kyung-seon’s bronze medal at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games was a feat in Korean athletics. It was the first Asian Games women’s marathon medal in 28 years following Lee Mi-ok, the bronze medalist at the 1990 Beijing Games. However, Choi Kyung-seon, who was in 4th place (2 hours 37 minutes 49 seconds) at the time, was not able to stand on the actual podium as her ranking was belatedly corrected in 2019 as her 3rd place Kim Hye-seong (North Korea, 2 hours 37 minutes 20 seconds) received a doping penalty.

Bad luck struck after that. Choi Kyung-seon suffered injuries to both of her knees during training in 2020. Even after she was cured, the trauma remained and she could neither train with her full strength nor run. She’s pain free, but she’s afraid to run, and there’s no sign that her record will be shortened as her training load dwindles. Fortunately, she is showing signs of recovery little by little.

Choi Kyung-seon said, “I also received hypnosis treatment to overcome her trauma. When she was running fast, her body stiffened and her legs twisted, making unnecessary movements, which made her worry a lot,” she said. “At the beginning of the year, she even thought about giving up the Asian Games. . However, despite the thought that she was having a hard time, she unknowingly tied her shoelaces and went out on the track, and as she went through the process of correcting her movements, she got better little by little,” she explained about how she overcame the trauma. She continued, “I trained for five hours every day and took good care of her diet and sleep patterns. She has come this far thanks to matching her daily routine with exercise,” she said. “This time she stands on the podium and she wants to wear her medal by all means,” she said with strength.

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