Reporter Kim Dong-chan = Forward Kim Jin-yong (29, 200 cm) of Goyang Carrot, a professional basketball player, was nominated by Ulsan Hyundai Mobis as the 8th overall pick in the 2017 rookie draft.

A graduate of Yonsei University, a ‘prestigious basketball school’, and a top player in the rookie draft, his future seemed bright.

However, the professional wall was higher than expected.

Kim Jin-yong, who was traded to Jeonju KCC the day after the draft, spent six years without playing in regular games until the beginning of this year.

Excluding his regular service period, he played in only 8 first-team matches during his 4 seasons at KCC.

His most played season was 3 games in the 2021-2022 season.

The scene that made the most intense impression on fans in the pro was getting the best performance award at the 2020 All-Star Dunk Contest while dressing up as the main character of the movie ‘Joker’.

It would not have been strange if he had quit basketball long ago, but it was when he left KCC in a trade earlier this month and wore a Carrot uniform that he came back to the attention of the fans.

Kim Jin-yong scored 14 points against Changwon LG on the 17th, and recorded 4 points and 8 rebounds in the Seoul Samsung match on the 19th.

The 14 points were more than the total of 12 points Kim Jin-yong scored in regular league games for six years from 2017, when he entered the professional league.

In particular, his unrepentant hustle play caught the attention of fans as well as director Kim Seung-ki of Carrot.

In a recent phone interview, when I asked Kim Jin-yong, ‘Wasn’t he worried about being traded to Carrot (recently negotiating a sale)?’ It was good,” he replied.

He blamed himself, saying, “I didn’t have a chance at KCC because I couldn’t do what I wanted in the team.”

His determination not to miss the opportunity he had taken in six years was also strong.

Kim Jin-yong confessed, “I can’t let go of tension even for a second from the time I warm up,” and “I don’t have much first-team experience, so I feel like I use a lot of energy even if I run for the same minute as other players.”

Regarding the LG match with 14 points, he said, “I was angry because the team lost.” He also spoke humbly.

Kim Jin-yong has good elasticity enough to appear in the All-Star dunk competition, but he has a foot problem. Before he even entered elementary school, he lost his left middle toe in an unfortunate accident.

He is at a disadvantage as a basketball player who has to use his skills and balance through steps. Even when he jumps, it’s not easy to put full strength on his feet.

Kim Jin-yong said, “When I was young, my gait was strange and it was difficult to run.”

His father, Kim Jae-hoon, was a former boxer.

While attending Seoul Physical Education High School, he won six national championships, including a bronze medal in boxing at the National Sports Festival.

Kim Jae-hoon, who served as the referee chairman of the Korea Boxing Commission until last year, also has a unique history of serving as the head coach of the Seoul Daejin High School basketball team from 2005 to 2013.

Kim Jin-yong, who started playing basketball in his second year at Dandaebu Middle School, introduced, “My father always said, ‘Don’t let go of your studies.’

Former Chairman Kim Jae-hoon, who received his doctorate in 2005, recently held an autobiography publication ceremony titled ‘From Square Ring to Dr. Hat’, and Kim Jin-yong is taking a leave of absence from graduate school, a master’s course. 안전놀이터

Kim Jin-yong also runs a YouTube channel with close to 10,000 subscribers.

On this channel named ‘Nongtherman’, videos are uploaded mainly during the off-season, such as ‘Daily date of a professional basketball player and game BJ – She laughs’, ‘Citizens collapse because a 2m giant is going to talk on the street – hidden camera’ , ‘ballpark outing with cheerleaders’, etc. to communicate with fans.

When Kim Jin-yong was asked, “Didn’t you hear people around you saying, ‘Be good at basketball’ during these social media activities?”, he replied, “I am also aware of my position, and through these activities, I wanted to show myself as a player rising from the floor. ” he replied.

He said, “I received negative attention for my YouTube activities because I couldn’t play, but I think fans can see how I prepared and what kind of mindset I played in the game.” , I want to show you more.”

He emphasized, “I didn’t finish something just because I came to Carrot and did well in two games, and now I’m just starting to play my basketball.” did.

In fact, if you go to his YouTube channel, there are far more videos about basketball skills and tactics than the interesting content mentioned above.

Kim Jin-yong said, “I’ve only played two games now, but it’s burdensome to see people around me like someone who won an MVP.” told

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