Kim Seung-dae, the ‘new captain’ of the Pohang Steelers, threw a bold vote.

Pohang Steelers held a press conference for the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp at the Seogwipo Cal Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju Island at 1:00 pm on the 6th.

Pohang’s last season was successful. Ulsan Hyundai and Jeonbuk Hyundai, which are called the ‘2nd round’ of the K-League, competed for the throne, respectively, and Pohang showed off its potential as a competitor constantly challenging the throne. Pohang finished the season in 3rd place, chasing 2nd place Jeonbuk by 6 points, led by a midfielder supported by Shin Jin-ho, and a sharp attacking team including Heo Yong-jun and Im Sang-hyeop.

At the center was Kim Seung-dae. He made his professional debut in Pohang in 2013, and returned to Pohang in 2017 after passing through Yenven. Afterwards, he played for Jeonbuk and Gangwon but failed to leave as much impact as Pohang’s Kim Seung-dae. Kim Seung-dae, who returned to his hometown team Pohang in the 2022 season, stood at the forefront of Pohang’s attack last season with 6 goals and 1 assist.

It is already his 8th season in Pohang. Kim Seung-dae, who has become synonymous with Pohang, was appointed as Pohang’s captain ahead of this season. It has been four years since the 2019 season when he was previously appointed. Kim Seung-dae, who has become a veteran as a player, is preparing for this season with a sense of responsibility as much as the weight of the captain’s armband.

[Hereinafter, Kim Seung-dae press conference Q&A]

Commitment to the season

If you prepared physically in Vietnam, in Korea, Pohang is making the football you want to do. The players are doing well without any injuries and it feels good. It is also the 50th anniversary of the club and all the players have a strong will.

Do you feel any pressure when receiving claims?

It is true that it was a burden when the director first asked me to make a claim. He said that as a player he would be able to give strength to his teammates, but he said the manager said I had to do it. So I did. I think all players have strengths, but my goal is to create a good team with my own strengths. The players have followed me well so far, so I don’t feel any pressure now.

what kind of leadership

He’s just a comfortable colleague and a ‘neighborhood type’ kind of style. He strictly follows training and tries to lead the team playfully and comfortably during the rest.

Is there any message you gave to the players after officially becoming the captain?

I want to set a good example by being one step ahead of my teammates. That is the biggest goal as a captain.

I said that there was a burden when I first received the

captaincy, but the former captain (Shin) Jin-ho hyung did very well, and the players did very well. It is true that it was a burden at first because everything is inevitably compared.

My colleagues Lee Myung-joo and Shin Jin-ho, who enjoyed their heyday in 2012 and 2013, all went to Incheon and now meet as enemies.

The players I liked and the older brothers. I want to become a good player. Now that it’s like this, I want to show that “it’s still Pohang” by winning, and I want to show what football is like as a team, not players.

Coach Kim Ki-dong said that winning is the goal. Is winning the goal?

It is natural for all players to think of winning. I have never won a championship with the coach, so I think winning is the last gift I can give to the coach. Strong teams like Ulsan and Jeonbuk have always been well captured by Pohang. Rather, there were games that were regrettable because we couldn’t catch the games we needed to catch 토토사이트. Rather, I think it is possible to compete for the championship if we catch the teams in the middle and lower ranks.

They went 40-40 last season. What are your personal goals for this season?

Rather than helping, I think the stage has come where we have to be a little more greedy. First of all, the goal is to get over 50-50 and win a personal title, and to exceed double digits this season, whether it is a goal or an assist.

Ha Chang-rae as vice-captain?

They are very friendly and communicate often. I think that (Ha) Chang-rae is perfect as a vice-captain because I think that (Ha) Chang-rae can fill in what I can’t do.

How is breathing with newly joined Kim In-seong and Baek Sung-dong?

I haven’t done team balance training yet, so it’s hard to say right now. However, since both players have clear strengths, I think Pohang can move in a slightly better direction if the strengths of the two melt well.

After becoming the captain, I said I would buy a lot of food for my juniors, but how many episodes of the season do I plan to buy?

I live while receiving pocket money (laughs). Whenever we overcome difficulties, we think that we should buy it once a month to give strength to the director.

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