Interest in the next coach of the Polish national team is hot. He is also of great interest among Korean soccer fans. This is because former Korean national team coach Paulo Bento is one of the strong candidates.

The Polish press is constantly talking about potential national team coaches, including Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard recently.

In this situation, Darius Ziekanowski, one of the legendary strikers of Polish football, came out to criticize. The reason is that it is a ‘floating sound’ that does not fit reality. The reality he said is, of course, money.

Ziekanowski said through Poland’s ‘fakt’, “Recently, many candidates’ names are being discussed. There are director Bento and director Gerard. There are many other names of candidates coming out as well. Like pulling a rabbit out of a magician’s hat, there are a lot of candidates. Actually, it’s all a smoke screen.”

“You have to approach it rationally. You have to come down to the ground and see the reality, not floating in the clouds. Common sense says you have to find a competent manager within the limits of what the Polish Football Association can pay. The reality now is that foreigners cost millions of euros. “I can’t appoint a manager,” he added. 카지노

At the same time, “Director Bento? Coach Gerard? To bring a coach of that level, you have to pay at least 2 million euros (2.7 billion won) to more than 2.5 million euros (3.3 billion won). I don’t know if it’s realistically possible.”

Finally, he said, “In two weeks, the name of the new manager will be announced. Fans want to know the name as soon as possible, but there is a lot of discussion and negotiation going on, so it will not be possible. What I can say for sure is that Poland will lose money. “We are focusing on minimizing it,” he said.

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