Jeonju KCC, a men’s professional basketball team, faced a major bad news when ‘Jupo’ Heo Woong suffered an ankle ligament rupture injury.

According to a report by News1 on the 10th, a KCC official said, “As a result of the hospital examination, Heo Woong suffered two ruptured lateral ligaments in his right ankle. A diagnosis of 8 weeks of total replacement came out.” At the same time, he explained, “The ankle swelling has not gone down yet, so a closer check is needed, but for now, we have decided to do rehabilitation without surgery.”
Heo Woong was injured during the regular league home game against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis in the 2022-23 SKT A-Dot professional basketball held at Jeonju Gymnasium on the 9th. With 7 minutes left until the end of the 2nd quarter, Heo Woong, who broke through and shot, collapsed on the court as his right ankle was bent while landing. He complained of excruciating pain and was carried away on a stretcher. 바카라

KCC recorded 17 wins and 22 losses this season and is in 6th place in the league. It is only a 0.5 game difference with 7th place Suwon KT and 1.5 game difference with 8th place Wonju DB. Every game is fierce competition for the playoffs in the round of 6. The regular league ends on the 29th of next month, but it doesn’t seem easy for Heo Woong, the ‘Jupo’, who needs to be rehabilitated for at least 8 weeks to return.

A KCC official said, “There are cases where the ankle is less injured if the ankle turns, but in the case of Heo Woong, the worst result came out.”

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