The joys and sorrows of the two Bundesliga players were mixed.

On the 29th (Korean time), the football statistics media ‘TransferMarkt’ updated the value of players playing in the German Bundesliga. The media sets a ransom for a specific player in consideration of current performance, age, and contract period. 먹튀검증

Lee Jae-seong went up and Jung Woo-young went down. Jae-Sung Lee is showing his best form after entering the Bundesliga this season. He played 27 league games last season and scored 4 goals and 3 assists, and this season he played 25 games and scored 7 goals and 3 assists. The playing time also increased from 1,449 minutes to 1,474 minutes. The number of games played decreased, but the attack points and game time definitely increased.

Lee Jae-seong, who surpasses the league’s double-digit score, has a ransom of 4 million euros (approximately 5.6 billion won), and has hit his highest point since his debut. It was an increase from 3 million euros (approximately 4.2 billion won) in November last year. At the same time, Lee Jae-seong became the 6th largest ransom in Korea after Son Heung-min, Kim Min-jae, Lee Kang-in, Hwang Hee-chan, and Hwang Eui-jo. Considering that Lee Jae-seong is over 30 years old, it can be seen that his current performance is more reflected, leading to an increase in his ransom.

Jung Woo-young had the same value as Lee Jae-sung, but fell. Even last season, Jung Woo-young was evaluated as a starting player for Freiburg. He clearly gained the trust of coach Christian Streich and alternated between front and side. His tremendous mobility and activity were highly evaluated, and he solidified his position by recording attack points whenever necessary. His tally was 5 goals and 2 assists in 32 league appearances. The duration of the match was 1,791 minutes.

This season is the exact opposite. He made 20 league appearances, but only played 602 minutes. His number of games and time have all plummeted, and his offensive points are only 1 goal and 2 assists. It is also struggling to participate in other competitions such as the European Football Federation (UEFA) and the Europa League (UEL). His poor performance and the progress of his competitor, Doan Ritz, are cited as the reasons. This is also a result of Streich’s managerial characteristic, which does not change easily once a starting player is selected.

He kept 5.5 million euros (about 7.7 billion won) all the time, but it fell to 4 million euros. Considering Jung Woo-young’s age, he has to raise his value more and more and move toward his prime, which is very disappointing. It is Jung Woo-young who must seek a change in the situation as soon as possible.

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