The Doosan Bears have declared an all-out war at the end of the first half. Manager Lee Seung-yeop is targeting the Lotte Giants, who are tied for first place.

Before the game against the Lotte Giants at Munsu Stadium in Ulsan on the 30th, manager Lee Seung-yup said, “There are 12 games left until the All-Star break. We tied NC 1-1 with 15 games left in the midweek. We will give it our all in the remaining 12 games,” he said, adding, “Even if our pitchers are a little tired, we will give it our all.”

Doosan currently sits in sixth place with 33 wins, 35 losses and one tie for a .485 winning percentage, one point behind fifth-place Kiwoom (35 wins, 37 losses and one tie for a .486 winning percentage). They have 1.5 games in hand on fourth-place Lotte. Depending on the outcome of the three-game series in Ulsan, they could catch Lotte to regain a five-game lead and move into fourth place.바카라

Manager Lee Seung-yeop said, “The bullpen can pitch three games in a row. We had a day off yesterday (Sept. 29), and we have another day off after this three-game series. We have another week before the All-Star break. Good pitchers should be ready for a three-game series.” “We should have won more games in June, but we’re -2 now. We need to get as many wins as we can before the end of the first half. It’s important that we give it our all the rest of the way, even if it’s a lot, and try to get some wins and some losses.”

“I think it’s time to climb a little higher, and I think it’s a little hard to lose once, so we’re going to try to shorten the losing streak and get on a winning streak, even if it’s a long one,” he said.

The team also made some adjustments to its starting rotation. Brandon, Alcantara, and Choi Won-jun were originally scheduled to start, but the previous day’s game (29th) was rained out, so Kwak Bin will pitch the first game. Brandon, Kwak-Bin, and Alcantara, the three most reliable starters for Doosan, will now take on fourth-place Lotte.

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