Blue One is approaching the final. Blue One Resort, which is starting the playoff match with one win, defeated Hana Card 4-2 with Throng winning two singles matches in the first match of the playoff held on the 18th (Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center).

If Blue One wins two wins, including one advantage, and adds one more win in the remaining three games, it will rise to the final and compete with Welcome Savings Bank for the championship.

Hana Card, who grabbed TS Shampoo and passed the semi-playoff, had a come-from-behind loss in the second set of doubles, which was the decisive blow.

Kashidoko-Shin Jeong-ju lost the first set men’s doubles match to Zapata-Eom Sang-pil, so victory was desperately needed, and Kim Ga-young’s performance led them to 8:4.

It was a set that ended with 1 point, but Seo Han-sol succeeded in a difficult stand-up bank shot while he was unable to finish, and eventually lost 8:9. 안전놀이터

Hana, who was driven to 0-2, took the 3rd set by Kasido Kostasui and the 5th set by Nguyen, but it was still a difficult situation after losing the 4th set in a mixed match.

The 6th set was a confrontation between Throng and Gayoung Kim.

Kim Ga-young, who was ahead of the average score but couldn’t use her strength when she met Throng, missed the bank shot of the first ball that was successful in the second set, and created a dark atmosphere by herself.

Throng, who is always full of confidence from winning, took the win easily by hitting 7 consecutive hits in 2 innings.

Kim Ga-young couldn’t even score a single point and lost 9:0.

Blue One puts Zapata in the 1st and 3rd sets and Throng in the 4th and 6th sets in the second match. One sets Nguyen in sets 1 and 3, Kasidocostas in sets 5, and Ga-young Kim in sets 2 and 6.

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