Viktor Ahn (38, Korean name Ahn Hyeon-soo) announced that he donated the entire 4,800 won Olympic medal pension he received as a lump sum in Korea when he became a naturalized Russian citizen in 2011 for children suffering from heart disease and junior athletes. He argued to the effect that he received a pension prior to his naturalization decision and donated it after naturalization.

On the 7th, Viktor Ahn said on his social media, “Parts that were not true were reflected as if they were true. Regarding the controversial part, I will tell you the process without lies.” “It is true that I heard the story of a Russian-Australian dual national athlete from the Russian Skating Federation president in June 2011 and found out that dual nationality was possible,” he said. In the end, I decided to naturalize in July.” 스포츠토토

He continued, “I decided that it was right to return the (pension) lump sum I received, so I donated the full amount.” Everything was decided in July and proceeded according to the procedure.” It is known that Viktor Ahn donated part of his pension for the late Noh Jin-gyu, a junior at Korea National University of Physical Education who died of osteosarcoma in 2016.

Viktor Ahn’s explanation is interpreted as a rebuttal to the recent statement made by the Korea Skating Instructors Federation in the process of hiring a coach at Seongnam City Hall against his return to Korea. The Federation of Skating Leaders criticized, “Victor Ahn explained that at the time of naturalization,’I knew dual citizenship would be possible’, but he knew in advance that dual citizenship would not work and after receiving a pension, he pretended not to know.” Victor Ahn was eliminated after the interview, and Seongnam City Hall delayed hiring without successful applicants, saying, “We couldn’t find the right person.”

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