Augusta National Golf Club, which hosts the tournament, announced on the 8th (local time) that “the 13th hole (par 5) of the Masters has been changed.” It is longer, from 510 yards to 545 yards. A whopping 35 yards was added. If you hold the middle iron, the 2-on is not easy.

Hole 13 is considered the easiest hole at Augusta National Golf Club. If only the tee shot landed on the fairway, I could easily put the ball on the green in two strokes. At the Masters last year, his average at-bats was 4.77. 온라인카지노

However, the difficulty of the 13th hole does not increase significantly. This is because the 545-yard par 5 hole is not too difficult for players with top skills.

The remaining 17 holes at Augusta National Golf Club remain unchanged from last year. The course length of the Masters has increased to par 72, 7545 yards due to the influence of the 13th hole. This year’s Masters kicks off on April 6.

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