Reporter Kim Pyong-seok = The symbol of Korea’s track and field high jump, Woo Sang-hyeok, said, “I don’t want to miss the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of the Paris Olympics. I will do my best to show good results.”

On the 14th, Woo Sang-hyeok won the silver medal at the 10th Asian Indoor Athletics Championships and returned to Korea. On his first schedule, he met Lee Sang-il, the mayor of Yongin, and delivered the uniform he wore in the competition.

This Asian Indoor Track and Field Championships is the first competition in which Woo Sang-hyeok participated as a member of the Yongin-si workplace sports team.

Woo, who had been training in the United States, Germany, and the Czech Republic since December last year, won the silver medal at the event held in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, on the 12th with a record of 2m24.

Coach Do-kyun Kim, who was in charge of Woo, was also present at the meeting with Mayor Lee.

Player Woo Sang-hyeok said, “Thanks to the full support of the mayor and the citizens of Yongin, I felt a sense of belonging and a lot of responsibility, and even after the match, I was energized.” said.

Director Kim Do-gyun said, “With the support of Yongin City, I was able to focus only on training outside of the national team selection period.” “I will try to repay the support of the mayor and citizens with good results.”

At this meeting, coach Kim Do-kyun and athlete Woo Sang-hyeok said that they plan to meet young middle and high school track and field athletes in Yongin when they have an urgent schedule. 바카라

Mayor Lee Sang-il said, “I have a bigger goal, so if I prepare well, I will be able to achieve my goal. All the citizens of Yongin, including the mayor, and all the people of Korea will support him,” he encouraged Woo Sang-hyeok.

He also said, “For young athletes in athletics, Woo Sang-hyeok must be their idol, and I hope that the students will imitate Woo and develop their skills more diligently.” Please also blow it in,” he asked.

After training in Korea until March, Woo Sang-hyeok plans to train overseas from April to participate in the Diamond League in Doha, Qatar (May).

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