19-year-old Im Si-hyeon came in first place in the archery national team evaluation match, which had the right to participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Ansan and Kim Je-deok, who had won gold medals together at the Tokyo Olympics, were also selected through fierce competition.

This is Reporter Heosolji.


Si-hyeon calmly draws the bowstring.

Wearing character decorations on their hats, they entered the national archery selection competition, which is as fierce as the Olympics.온라인카지노

[Soundbite] Im Si-hyeon/National archery representative : “I received it as a gift, but it was so cute


Sihyeon’s Taegeuk mark was so special that she and her coach even shed tears.

He was unfortunately eliminated in 5th place last year, and it was so difficult that he changed his bow in the middle in this year’s selection race.

However, Im Si-hyun, who overcame her well, was aiming for the ‘second Ansan’ in the Asian Games and World Championships.

[Soundbite] Im Si-hyeon/National Archer Representative : “(Looking at Ansan player), I thought he was cool and wanted to imitate him. So, since we are going to live together this time, I will watch a lot of unnie and bring good results.

” Guanwang Anshan climbed to second place and boarded the ship bound for Hangzhou.

[Ansan/National Archery Representative : “I shot with great care this time.

In the men’s division, Kim Woo-jin, Kim Je-deok, and Oh Jin-hyeok, who jointly won gold medals in the team event at the Tokyo Olympics, were all selected.


Four male and female Taegeuk archers who won tickets to Hangzhou will start aiming for gold in earnest by participating in the 2nd Archery World Cup held in China next month.

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