Ansan Greeners (owner Lee Min-geun) recruited midfielder Wandrew (22, Wandrew Laurindo Silva Mendonca) from the ‘Brazilian youth team’.

Since childhood, Wandreux, who has been consistently named in the Brazilian youth national team (U15, U17) along with Vinicius (Real Madrid, Brazil national team) and has been called the ‘future of Brazilian football’, played Sudameri as the main midfielder for the U15 youth national team in 2015. Participated in Cano and led the team to victory.

Standing 184cm tall and weighing 78kg, Wandryu is a midfielder who can move between offense and defense. His strong points are active play, stable ball handling, and active play. Although he is young, he is evaluated as a resource optimized for the role of linking the air and defense in midfield because of his stable game management, excellent judgment, and good build-up, interpersonal mark, and space pass development. 온라인바카라

Wandryu said, “It’s an honor to join Ansan Greeners FC, and I’m grateful to the club for giving me the opportunity. It’s my first time in Korea, and I’m glad everyone welcomed me and treated me comfortably.”

Then, he expressed his determination, “I will quickly adapt to the K-League and show a good performance so that Ansan’s choice is not wrong. I will do my best so that Ansan can have the best season in 2023.”

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