Ansan Greeners FC recruited Brazilian striker Gabriel (27).

Gabriel started with Rio Branco SC in 2018 and went through Serie B Criciuma EC. He scored 5 goals and 2 assists in 59 matches during his career on the Brazilian stage, including Louver Dense, Sao Jo Sinse, Rio Branco-PR, Sao Jo Sinse and EC Vitoria. 바카라사이트

Boasting a solid physical condition of 184cm and 78kg, Gabriel is a fast striker and can be used as a winger or attacking midfielder. Gabriel, who has excellent dribbling ability and is good at organic movements, is expected to change Ansan’s front line more quickly and thrillingly because he is especially good at kicking as a left-footed player.

Gabriel said, “I’m really happy to come to a good team called Ansan. I was so grateful that the coaching staff, players, and the secretariat all welcomed me. As much as they believed in me and gave me a good opportunity to play in the K-League, I hope Ansan achieves its goals this season. I will work hard to be of help,” he said.

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