The World Baseball Classic national team suffered a disappointing defeat against Japan’s Orix in their first official evaluation match. It was decisive that I committed 3 mistakes, and the feeling of hitting was not perfect.

This is reporter Seonghoon Lee from Osaka.


The defense of the national team was shaken from the second inning.

Seemingly unable to adapt to the artificial turf at the Kyocera Dome, shortstop Oh Ji-hwan committed two errors and gave up two runs.

In the 6th inning, third baseman Choi Jeong, who had been missing from the start, was put in, and Kim Ha-seong, who had been the starting third baseman, moved to shortstop.

In the 8th inning, finishing pitcher Ko Woo-seok suddenly complained of neck muscle pain while pitching and was replaced, making manager Lee Kang-cheol deeply troubled.

The national team raised the atmosphere with two runs in the 9th inning with Lee Jung-hoo, Park Hae-min, and Park Gun-woo’s consecutive hits, but eventually finished the first evaluation match with a 4-2 defeat. 안전놀이터

I also had an income.

Tommy Edman, an infielder with the best defense in the big leagues, proved his renowned skills by performing a hobi show in his first game wearing the Taegeuk mark.

[Tommy Edman/WBC national team infielder: I played 9 innings for the first time in the national team, and it was a good time to adapt to the game. The blow wasn’t good today, but it will get better in the future.]

‘Preliminary big leaguer’ Lee Jeong-hoo recorded the only multi-hit in the national team’s batting line, and smoothly raised the sense of hitting.

[Lee Jeong-hoo/WBC national team outfielder: I plan to hit the plate like that to make a lot of in-play hits without getting struck out somehow.] The

national team will enter Tokyo, the land of the decisive battle, after the final evaluation match against Japan’s Hanshin today (7th). .

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