Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti gave Alvaro Rodriguez a ‘passing mark’.

In the 2022-23 Primera Liga match held at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid, Spain on the morning of the 26th (Korean time), Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid (hereinafter referred to as AT Madrid) drew 1-1.

Coach Ancelotti, who struggled against the opponent’s tenacious defense despite the numerical superiority, began the press conference with a brief impression, “It was a game that could be won.”

The topic of the press conference that day was Alvaro Rodriguez. Born in 2004, at the age of 17, his debut goal in his 2nd La Liga and 3rd match of the 1st team against Atletico Madrid made the press conference exciting.

– Alvaro, will you be appointed in the future?

“I think we can give it a passing grade. He gave us a special night. He is a player who can be useful.”

– Why was Cross replaced?

“Because we thought we could control the ball. The players played very well. Atlético didn’t press too much up front, but the first half was well controlled in the tenacious defense of the opposition. There were very few chances. So we got more on the field. I wanted to give it a lot of dynamism. Of course, I conceded the first goal afterwards. Unfortunately, I had to tie the score in a winnable game

. “

“Next season, Alvaro will be included in the first team squad because he is a strong player with great qualities for his age, big height with a powerful header and good handling of the ball. This year is his first with the first team. It’s a season, and in the final leg of the season, we’ll reevaluate if necessary. We’ll deal with Raul (Castia coach) and talk about it.

“I think the tension in the squad has eased, because the 17th game in 50 days from December 30th is over. It seems that they are tired mentally, so they are very tense” – Alvaro, what did you expect when you put in 안전놀이터


“It’s high. It was necessary in the end to put in a player with these qualities that we need”

– Atletico Madrid are unhappy with Correa’s sending off.

“It was an appropriate decision”

– 10 points if Barcelona win tomorrow. Are you aiming for the UCL championship?

“Currently, the cup competition (Copa del Rey) is closer to the title. That’s why the cup competition is important.”

– How are you prepared for the match against Barcelona (Copa del Rey)?

“I will prepare well until the day before. Two days before the game, I will finish the tactical work by Tuesday”

– Is Nacho going to Barcelona?

“Well, that’s clear. Nacho has practically more experience and knowledge of her opponent than Camaringa.”

Real Madrid, which discovered the 17-year-old wonderkid, will return to the home game of the Copa del Rey semifinal first leg against Barcelona at 5:00 am on March 3. 

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