Kim Min-jae even got the nickname of Germany’s legendary defender Franz Beckenbauer.

Napoli are on the verge of winning the league title. Napoli are moving closer to the Scudetto this season. They are currently leading the league with 71 points from 27 games played. Napoli are close to winning their first title since Diego Maradona’s 1989-90 season. In addition, Napoli advanced to the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) and is achieving the best performance in the club’s history.

Several players are at the center of Napoli’s high-flying streak. If you have Victor Osimen and Hvita Kvarachhelia in offense, you have Kim Min-jae in defense. Kim Min-jae is having a ‘previous season’ this season. The fact that it is his debut season is showing stable defensive power in his first season in Serie A.카지노

As Kim Min-jae’s performance continues day after day, he is receiving rave reviews. In January, AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho said, “I have something to say about one of the Napoli players. I wanted to recruit him to the point that I even had a video call with Kim Min-jae when I was at Tottenham. But Tottenham didn’t help me.” He praised Kim Min-jae.

Coach Luciano Spalletti also cares for Kim Min-jae. Believing in Kim Min-jae’s defense, coverage, and football intelligence, Napoli was able to implement more aggressive football. Spalletti also praised Kim Min-jae, who became the core player, saying, “He is the best defender in the world for me.”

High praise for Kim Min-jae was not limited to Italy. The Spanish media ‘Mundo Deportivo’ picked Kim Min-jae as the protagonist of Napoli’s high-altitude march this season. ‘Mundo Deportivo’ explained, “Napoli is having an unprecedented season. And their conductor is Kim Min-jae,” describing Min-jae Kim as “Napoli’s Emperor (Kaiser).”

The Kaiser was the nickname of Beckenbauer, a legendary German defender in the past. Beckenbauer not only excelled in defense, but also served as the starting point of the attack based on his intelligence to see the entire game. ‘Mundo Deportivo’ also gave this title to Kim Min-jae, who was able to participate in offense as well as defense.

In addition, the media added, “Kim Min-jae stands out in his strength and passing ability at 190 cm. He is also very fast. Coach Spalletti is delighted to coach him and has even mentioned that he is the best center back in the world at the moment.”

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