“I want to raise the 3-point success rate to more than 30%.”

Kim Tae-hoon (190cm, F) defended exclusively for Yoo Ki-sang (Yonsei University) and Yeom Yoo-seong (Dankook University at the time, Daegu Korea Gas Corporation) in the 2022 KUSF University Basketball U-League. Since Kim Tae-Hoon was the main scorer on the opponent’s perimeter, Korea University was able to easily balance offense and defense.

Korea University coach Joo Hee-jeong also said, “(Kim) Tae-hoon put a lot of emphasis on defense. Also, I think Tae-hoon has been equipped with some defense,” he said, looking at Kim Tae-hoon’s defensive capabilities positively.

Korea University has a record of 6 wins in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League. Yonsei University tied for first place. I passed the midterm exam without a big hit.스포츠토토

However, in a phone call with this magazine, Kim Tae-hoon expressed his feelings briefly and boldly, saying, “I was very sorry.” He continued, “The shooting success rate has dropped a lot. The same goes for his defense. He needs to be lifted up,” he explained what was lacking.

As mentioned above, Korea University coach Joo Hee-jung did not worry about Kim Tae-hoon’s defense. However, Taehoon Kim thought differently. “Last season, I followed the opponent shooter well. But he couldn’t make the defense he showed last year mine. Also, he did not receive an assignment to block a specific player, but he did not show the defense properly,” he said, explaining why he mentioned defense.

What Kim Tae-hoon regretted the most was the shooting success rate. In the 2022 season, he made 28.9% 3-pointers (11/38), but in the 2023 season, he made about 13.3% (3/23) 3-pointers.

Kim Tae-hoon said, “Until last year, the burden of attack was less. However, after he reached the third grade, he felt he had to show offense as well. He tries to break through and move a lot without the ball, but it seems that it doesn’t work as well,” he analyzed the driving force.

On the other hand, Korea University coach Joo Hee-jeong said, “(Kim) Tae-hoon is equipped with a defense. But he has three points, and he has the offensive ability. When he gets a chance, he shoots confidently, and I hope there will be an option that utilizes breakthrough. Of course, I emphasized defense to Taehun, but I hope Taehun is a bit more aggressive. That way, other guards will have a chance,” he said, emphasizing Kim Tae-hoon’s aggressive play.

Kim Tae-hoon also said, “The number of attempts to break through has increased more than before. He can score on his run, but he must also have a break-and-go move. I have to do that even after the midterm exam,” he said, thinking of options by breaking through.

After that, “The goal he set with his teammates is to win all games. As much as I couldn’t achieve last year, I’m longing for more. He said, “I want to put my strength into the team’s winning streak,” and set the team’s goal of winning all rounds.

Lastly, “On defense, I want to tie up one of my matchups. And you need to increase your shooting success rate. No matter how bad it is, I hope 30% will come out,” he set a specific goal. The desperate heart to achieve the goal was felt in the tone.

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