“I taught him ‘It’s okay’, but later he said ‘potato’.”

NC Dinos’ new foreign pitcher, Eric Peddy, is quickly becoming a member of the team. He is learning Korean diligently, so the players are building friendships by teaching him words.

Peddie said “It’s okay” from the start at a meeting with reporters at Enex Field in Tucson, Arizona, USA on the 8th (Korean time), and then he said “good morning” and “potato” in Korean he had learned. Kim Si-hoon told me ‘it’s okay’, but he said it was ‘potato’, so he said that potato is potato, so he actually got to know the word potato better.

Peddy is a pitcher who played in the major leagues until last year. Of course, he can’t help but wonder why he chose to go to NC. Peddy said, “I became a free agent for the first time, and I came to NC because I thought that playing baseball in Korea would give me a new challenge, and that I would be able to talk more about it when I quit baseball later.”

He threw a stone fastball. When asked if he would return to the major leagues, he answered wisely, “I think it would be great if I threw as well as I could and got good results and returned to the major leagues.” came up with

The person who helped him go to Korea was Nick Kingham, a pitcher who played for SK Wyverns and Hanwha Eagles. Peddy said, “While training with Kingham in the off-season, I heard a lot about Korea. In particular, he told me a lot about the support of the NC Dinos.” I heard a lot of advice, such as what I should do.” 온라인바카라

Peddy, who throws two-seam and cutter changeup, said he plans to throw a slub in Korea instead of a curveball, which was one of his main pitches. “The curve isn’t strong enough to strike out after two strikes, so I practiced a slub that bends as it falls, and it’s going well,” said Peddy. .

Since his home is Scottsdale, his father came to the training ground that day to watch his son train and interview.
Tucson (USA

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