The running battle between veteran Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Rich Hill (43) and Detroit Tigers infielder Miguel Cabrera (40), representing the major leagues, is a hot topic.

Hill and Cabrera were named on the starting list side by side in the second game between the ‘2023 Major League’ teams held at Comerica Field in Detroit, Michigan, USA on the 18th (Korean time). Hill started as Pittsburgh’s starting pitcher, and Cabrera started as Detroit’s designated hitter at No. 7.

The famous scene came out after two deaths at the end of the second inning. Cabrera, who came to bat, hit Hill’s cutter and hit a ground ball. After that, first baseman Carlos Santana (37, Pittsburgh) caught the ball and threw it hard toward the heel entering the base cover. At first base, a battle between the batter and the pitcher unfolded, and Hill’s foot stepped on the base first. Cabrera was slightly faster, but his out count went up as he failed to reach first base.

It was a scene where you can feel the small fun in the midst of a fierce game. Both Hill and Cabrera showed off hustle play, such as sprinting even in their 40s. In addition, the scene where the 120-year-old veterans did not spare their bodies, including first baseman Santana’s Hosobi, who made a diving catch, stood out.스포츠토토

Detroit coach AJ Hinch, who watched this scene, said in an interview with, the official website of the major leagues, after the game, “You don’t often see players over the age of 40 in the major leagues. It’s a scene to remember.”

Hill, the protagonist of the famous scene, expressed his respect for Cabrera. “Cabrera will be remembered as one of the best players in history. I’m grateful to have faced him over the years and even been on the same pitch. It was a pleasure meeting, but next time I will have to run a little faster (to first base).” revealed

Hill and Cabrera, meanwhile, had their first head-to-head match in 2005, 18 years ago. The head-to-head record of the two players is 8 hits (1 home run) and 4 RBIs in 21 at-bats, and Cabrera is recording a batting average of 0.381 against Hill.

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