In 2019, the pitcher’s triple crown confirmed his retirement after 4 years.

Shun Yamaguchi (36), a right-hander with a career record of 68 wins and 112 saves in Japan and the United States, made his retirement official through personal SNS on the 17th. He posted an article saying, ‘I’m ending my 17-year active life’.

After receiving an outage from the Yomiuri Giants after last season, Yamaguchi continued to work out and search for a new team. He tried to find the team until the end, but failed.스포츠토토

Yamaguchi joined the Yokohama Baystars in 2006 with the first pick in the high school draft. He played as a starter and closer before moving to Yomiuri in 2017 after gaining FA (free agent) status. In 2019, he went 15-4 with a 188 strikeout-win percentage of 7.8 and 9 runs and won three Central League pitching crowns. That year, he contributed to Yomiuri’s championship.

He went through the posting system after the 2019 season and transferred to the Toronto Blue Jays. He signed a two-year, $6.35 million contract. However, he never made it to the major leagues. He pitched in 17 games for Toronto in 2020, going 2-4 with 1 hold – an earned run average of 8.06.

In June 2021, he returned to Yomiuri after staying in the minor leagues under the San Francisco Giants. Due to an injury, he only appeared in one game last year.

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