Cristiano Ronaldo (Al-Nasr) came up with the worst excuse. He made excuses to avoid criticism of Ronaldo for breaking Islamic law, but the controversy is growing. 

The Daily Mail reported on the 21st (hereafter Korean time), “After the match against Al Hilal on the 19th, Ronaldo got into gossip by touching his groin in front of fans who were booing him.” 

Previously, Al Nasr lost 0-2 in an away match against Al-Hilal, a rival for the league championship, on the 19th. Ronaldo received one yellow card during the game for rough play and failed to impress.스포츠토토

In particular, when the match against me did not work out, he showed his worst appearance. 

In the 12th minute of the second half, Ronaldo competed with Al-Hilal midfielder Gustavo Cuellar and threatened by choking him. Also, after the game, when the home fans of Al Hilal called for Lionel Messi (PSG), Ronaldo put his hands on his groin twice. 

Ronaldo also looked up at his fans. Some, who judged this to be an obscene act, reacted furiously.

Al-Nasr said that Ronaldo felt pain in the area, but Saudi Arabian football fans are angry that Ronaldo broke Islamic law. 

According to reports, Saudi lawyer Nouf bin Ahmed said that Ronaldo’s behavior is considered a crime in Saudi Arabia as public obscenity.

In particular, Al Nasr’s side explained that Ronaldo’s hand on the groin was due to pain from an impact during the game, Spanish media Marca reported.

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