Reporter Moon Dae-hyeon = SSG Landers promising rookie pitcher Roun Lee (19) confessed that he wants to be like team seniors Kwang-Hyun Kim and Seung-Won Moon.

Lee Rowoon, from Daegu High School, recorded an average ERA of 1.80 with 2 wins and 2 losses in the 2022 high school league. His stable control with a heavy fastball of up to 150 km captured the hearts of scouts. It was also impressive that he was a pitcher capable of boldly fighting inside.

As a result, in the 2023 Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) rookie draft, he was nominated by SSG as the 5th overall pick in the first round and succeeded in going directly to the pros.

Director Kim Won-hyeong provided Lee Ro-wun with an opportunity to grow at the club’s spring camp in Vero Beach, Florida, USA.

Lee Rowun has a strong fastball as well as a control ball that allows him to freely use changing balls such as curveballs and sliders. The deciding ball is a slider.

Lee Rowoon’s appearance reminds me of Chae Byung-yong, who played an active part in SK Wyverns (predecessor of SSG) in the past.

On the 11th (local time), at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex, Roun Lee met reporters and proudly appealed, “I am the type of person who has both the pitch and the type of pitch. I can throw 4 to 5 pitches, so I am a pitcher who can do many things well.”

“I came to spring camp for the first time, and I feel proud that I have become a professional. It’s good just to be able to come to a warm place and exercise after being in a cold place,” he said.

Previously, coach Kim praised Yi Ro-woon as “a pitcher who can cover his weaknesses with a powerful pitch, although his pattern is still monotonous.” 안전놀이터

Regarding this, Lee Rowun said, “I can’t be sure of my skills just by doing well in bullpen pitching. After that, I have to throw well in live pitching or blue-back matches.” do,” he said.

Rowoon Lee picked Kim Gwang-hyeon and Moon Seung-won as the seniors he wanted to learn from in the team. In particular, he gave a detailed comment about the same right-hander, Moon Seung-won.

Lee Rowun said, “After seeing Seung-Won Moon return after undergoing Tommy John surgery and throwing a ball over 150 km, I thought he was cool as a player.” Watching them throw the ball freely, I felt that they deserve to be treated as professionals.”

At the same time, he said, “Rather than aiming for the Rookie of the Year in the 2023 season, my goal is to stay in the first team for a long time.”

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