19th, snow melted, became rain, and plants The season of ‘Excellence’ is coming, the road to budding spring. On this day, the 1800m first class race will be held at Let’s Run Park Seoul, riding on the spring energy.

In this race, ‘Raon the Fighter’, who won the most prize money (1.342 billion won) with a great performance in last year’s Seoul Horse Racing, is drawing attention from fans by throwing a vote. It seems that he started warming up before the grand prize race, which will be held in earnest from March to April. Let’s take a look at the skills of ‘Raon the Fighter’, a strong candidate for the championship, and the long-distance fighters who will compete with it.

◆ Raon the Fighter (Wednesday, Korea, 5 years old, Rating 137, Master Son Chun-Soo, Trainee Park Jong-Gon, 75% win rate, 100% double win rate) ‘

Raon the Fighter’, currently ranked No. 1 in the Seoul Horse Racing Rating, has participated in 16 races so far. So they are all in the top 2, and they are the owners of unshakable skills. After debuting at the end of 2020, he continued his undefeated streak, and after a year of debut, he challenged the ‘Seoul Maju Association (G3)’. He proudly lifted the championship trophy.

After that, they won the ‘Owners’ Cup (G3)’ and the ‘KRA Cup Classic (G2)’ last year. Starting from last year’s 1200m race, he has steadily increased his endurance by increasing the distance to the 2300m ‘Grand Prix (G1)’, and his average record of 1800m is the best among the participating horses, so if only the burden weight does not act as a variable in this race, there seems to be no opponent to stop him. .

◆ Soul Merit (Wednesday, USA, 6 years old, Rating 105, Maju Park Nam-seong, Assistant Instructor Jung Ho-ik, 40% win rate, 60% double win rate) ‘

Soul Merit’, the 2nd place in terms of prize money in the last 3 times, mainly participated in short distances and steadily accumulated multipliers. In the ‘SBS Sports Sprint (G3)’, which Oda participated in for the first time last year, he unfortunately only finished 7th. After that, he changed his strategy and has been continuously challenging the 1800m class 1 since October, all of which have settled in the second place.

It is a word that stands out with a powerful step coming out of a massive body around 520kg. In particular, last November, he won the 2021 Breeders’ Cup (G2) champion, Complete Value, with an explosive spurt on the last straight track, and won by 4 lengths.

◆ Heungrok Godfather (geo, USA, 5 years old, rating 91, owner Im Han-yong, assistant instructor Lee Jun-cheol, win rate 30%, double win rate 45%) After being upgraded to the 1st

class, recently improved skills such as winning the first 1800m race in January this year is unfolding At the time, after a last-minute battle with ‘Soul Merit’, which was also participating in this week’s race, he won a valuable victory by 0.75 strokes. Since November 2021, except for one time, it is the main distance enough to participate in the 1800m race, so it is expected that it will act as a great strength if the accumulated experience is freely used.

Since there is no history of participating in the target race yet, the lack of experience facing strong players is a variable, but the fact that the burden weight is relatively low can act as an advantage. 슬롯사이트

◆ Boxing Run (Wednesday, Korea, 6 years old, Rating 124, Master Hanyong Lim, Trainee Jooncheol Lee, Odds rate 38.5%, Double win rate 46.2%) Among the horses, the 2nd place in the Rating is the ‘Running Run’, a long-distance run that shines even more in 1800m and 2000m races

. be strong The overall win rate for 2000m is 50%, but if you narrow it down to 2000m for the first grade, the win rate reaches 80%.

When I was 3 or 4 years old, I challenged a total of 3 long-distance races and achieved not bad results of 3rd place in all, but in the ‘President’s Cup (G1)’ and ‘Grand Prix (G1)’ last year, I came in 8th and 9th, respectively. It left a lot of regret.

What is hopeful is that she ranks second in both the best and average times in the 1800m race. In particular, the highest record is better than the winning horse, ‘Raon the Fighter’, so if you show your skills properly, you can even win the championship.

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