Ra Chae-yoon of Pusan ​​National University took the lead in escaping from a losing streak.

Pusan ​​National University won 59-51 in the home game against Suwon University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Pusan ​​National University Gyeongam Gymnasium on the 11th (Thursday).

Pusan ​​National University struggled against Suwon University that day. It seemed like they were off to a shaky start by giving up the first point, but the atmosphere soon changed as they blocked the opponent’s attack well. After the middle of the first quarter, while driving 13 points, they gave up only 2 points and continued a good flow.

However, Pusan ​​National University gave away a chance to catch up in the second half. In the fourth quarter, the offense showed ups and downs and took an uneasy lead to 52-50. However, as Jeong Se-hyeon added valuable 4 points after the operation time, Pusan ​​National University was able to come closer to victory.

On this day, at Pusan ​​National University, Ra Chae-yoon, Park Da-jeong, and Ko Eun-chae scored double digits. Ra Chae-yoon recorded 8 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals, including 17 points, the most on the day. Park Da-jung scored 13 points with two 3-pointers, and Ko Eun-chae reported 12 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists.

Ra Chae-yoon played an active part by raising 10 points until the third quarter on this day. Even though the defense burden was not small against the opposing big man, he seized the offensive opportunity well. That wasn’t all. She hit the opening 3-pointer in the 4th quarter and helped Pusan ​​National University widen the gap by scoring 7 points alone in the 4th quarter.

After the game, Ra Chae-yoon said, “It’s so good to break her losing streak. It was hard to lose,” she said, laughing brightly, saying, “It’s good to win in the living room.”

Pusan ​​National University was defeated in enemy territory until the game on this day. Starting with Gwangju University, they lost to Suwon University as well as Ulsan University, and fell into a 3-game losing streak for the first time since the start of the league. In particular, in the last game against Ulsan University, even though they were leading by 15 points, they suffered from a lack of support.

Ra Chae-yoon stood out even more in defense that day. He boasted decent defensive power even while facing players bigger than himself throughout the game. After he became a switch, he focused on blocking the opponent’s attack by actively moving even when blocking the opponent’s guard.

Ra Chae-yoon also said, “I had to stop Lee Na-ra, the opponent’s main scorer. He explained that it was difficult because of the big difference in physique.” Even so, he explained, “I tried not to be pushed out of my strength.” When asked specifically, “I wanted my sisters to box out. I wanted to actively participate in the physical fight,” he added.

Other players were able to grab a lot of rebounds while she worked hard inside her. Although Pusan ​​National University gave the opponent a lot of rebounds in the second half and allowed an excuse for pursuit, Chae-yoon Ra struggled and was able to do well in the fight for air supremacy even while being pushed from the height.

La Chae-yoon repeatedly expressed his intention to supplement his shot at a press conference after the last opening match. On the day, she boasted her 50% field goal success rate and her decent shooting feel. Still, she said, “The shot is still lacking. You have to work harder. I want to do well,” she said, strengthening her will.스포츠토토

Finally, when asked about her school life, she smiled brightly. She said, “When I take classes in the morning or afternoon, we eat together and go to cafes. It’s fun for her to make other friends besides the players,” she said.

When asked about the more interesting subject, “There is a class where all 1st to 3rd graders participate in a group game. I think it’s fun because I have a chance to get close to other friends.”

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